Thursday, December 29, 2011

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

This year with school,  I lucked out because all my finals were online.  I was done with school the Monday of finals week.  I went back to Salt Lake for a hair appointment (attempting lighter hair and darker roots) then I was headed back up to Logan for a road trip to Idaho with the girls for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.  I wasn't going to go, but decided to in the end.  The weekend could have been a long one waiting for Ty to get in town Monday night.  Thank goodness I had my teammates to distract me. It was a great weekend (:

The girls and our homemade sweatshirts.

Bedazzled sweatshirts.

Numbers of the boys we know.
We also made posters for the boys.

Matching from head to toe (:

Sparta pic (:

Pre-game McDonalds

 The boys ended up with a heartbreaking loss in the last minute.  It was still worth every minute of the trip.  It was a well needed weekend with the girls.  We were so proud to be Aggies (: