Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras

Three whole days with the boyfriend.
Mardi Gras parades, holding hands, Pink Berry, the best conversations on the walks to downtown, eating all the time {good cafeteria food, what?}, catching pink beads...

Snaggin some beads.. Gettin real into it.

The most amazing crepes.
So handsome.
Mardi Gras float.. they all wore creepy masks and couldn't throw things out fast enough. So much stuff!
Coconut Chair (: (:
Yes this chair is $4,500, & yes it will be one of my first investments. 

My accessories Ty got me (:
The Mardi Gras tree on his campus.

.... makes up the best weekend of my semester.

And of course happy 3 year anniversary to the most amazing boyfriend.

Best three years of my life, and many more to come.

"And I miss you more than I should, than I thought I could. I can't get my mind off of you."
Joshua Radin always knows what I'm feelin.

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