Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's the thought that counts..

It's Jenn's birthday! Or it was on the first of February.. Ducks are her favorite animal. So, during class I googled duck cake pops and found the cutest cake pops ever. We were looking at the instructions and it seemed pretty easy so we decided to attempt..

  Yeeeaaaah Bakerella makes it look too easy.  Here is our sad attempt..
Taryn had the bright idea of putting the sticks on top..while I was struggling putting them in sideways.
This is our great start to a great turnout..
The little guy in the back... that was duckling number three. Our project went very bad very fast. Unfortunately only two ducklings were made during this attempt.

Found this randomly looking through my camera (: 
Duck faces. 

After practice and conditioning, we went to Twizleberry to celebrate.  Happy birthday Jenn! Just know that we tried..

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