Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We love rodeos.

Spur of the moment Draper days rodeo.  Best Saturday night, ever.  There's just something about watching someone being thrown like a rag doll on a giant bull for 8 seconds, and me just cheering.. safe and sound.. on the bleachers.  It's the closest I will ever get to riding one of those, so maybe I get a little thrill from watching it.  I'll just live through those brave cowboys, and think of clever, funny names for the bulls they ride.  Ty and I came up with some pretty good ones, even though those rodeo clowns have those witty names down pat.  Oh, and mutton bustin. Don't even get me started on mutton bustin.  Cutest thing ever.  You betcha my future kids are going to be dressed all in their cowboy/cowgirl gid ups riding on the back of one of those sheep.  Pure terror will be across their face with a 90% chance of tears at the end, but a participation Laffy Taffy will make that all better.

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