Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crystal Hot Springs

Being up at school, there is nothing better than having the boyfriend {1} visit and {2} actually be able to visit.  Oh, how some couples take living in the same side of the country for granted. Not us, however.  We take full advantage of the summer situation at hand, and what do we do?

We go to Honeyville.

Yes, Honeyville. {That's right after Deweyville. ...} And we go to Crystal Hot Springs.  And we enjoy every minute of it.  If only couples at Utah State realized how lucky they were to actually be with each other.  If everyday school day was like this one, there's not a day I could complain about.

As the hot spring {that was really a cold spring} got too cold, we then moved over to the actual hot spring before leaving.  Because being freezing and wet was not an option at that point.  We left. We went to Olive Garden and slowly slipped into a food coma.  Not enough of a food coma that we couldn't have dessert.  There's not a food coma that big, and it was Tuesday.  We all know what that means.

Double Stamp Tuesday at Twizleberry.

We got our Twizleberry and enjoyed every bite. Ty actually got a chocolaty one.   I thought the world was going to end then and there.  But it didn't, and after I had to give him a tour of the house we just moved into. The cute sea foam one.

That makes for another amazing day with the boyfriend.  There's just something about doing the little things with him, and having him be apart of my daily life. It was ah-maze-ing.

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