Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Weekend Getaway

Ah three days in St. George and one day in Vegas.  We drove to Vegas to do some shopping, and shopping is what we did.  I now fully understand the phrase, "Shop till you drop".  That day took it out of me.  But all is well because I discovered my new favorite store, Kate Spade.  Oh, if I had a bajillion dollars..

Back to reality.  We drove back from our shopping day in Vegas, and back in St. George, we jammed as much as we could into one day.  We went swimming, played tennis twice, hit a bucket of balls, cooked every meal {yes we didn't go out to eat once}, watched shooting stars, and went night swimming.

There are no complaints about this trip. Okay, maybe one: the fact that we were in 108-113 degree heat. Yikes! There's a fine line between fun, summer temperatures & baking, feeling like you need water every five seconds temperatures. In Vegas we had to map out our shopping day to not over heat. On our walk to a store we liked, we would have to go in a random store on the way, pretend like we were interested, go through all the awkward "Do you know about our sales?" questions, just so we could cool off.

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