Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hooray for being 20

Of course I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible.  Ty and I were headed for a night on the town.  I even put on my favorite coral wedges.  We were going to head over to The Depot for the premier of Raw Artists in Salt Lake City.  My work was going to be featured in the August 8th show.  I wanted to see the location so I could figure out how in the world I was going to display it.

We get there.
Get our names crossed off.
Get our hand stamped.
Get to the doors....
and get to Mr. ID Scan Man.

And he was there to ruin everything.  The event was 21 and older, and I am 20 years and 7 months and 6 days old. So there I was, walking out of The Depot, in my coral wedges, with Ty, just hoping and hoping that my show wasn't 21 and older.  And it was.  Thank you Mr. ID Scan Man for that reality check.  But of course, there is nothing a little Cold Stone can't fix, so naturally our car just drove itself there. The ice cream jumped in our mouths too, we couldn't do anything about it.  A little bit of ice cream with the company of an amazing, supportive boyfriend.. how can a girl complain about that.

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