Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jazz Game

Angie's mom got us tickets to the Jazz game against the Trailblazers.  My parents were invited too. All the parents and ate somewhere [awkwardly we weren't invited :) ]  We went to Zupas, probably one of my most missed things about Salt Lake.  Colton was a good bartender and made me up a great drink which included every drink in the fountain..  We left and parked at the Gateway, then went to the game.  We had good seats.  They definitely beat last years $100 nosebleeds (:

Colton's girls.

The parents.

Mint and Moose Tracks.

Tradition whenever we park at the Gateway.
Obviously ours is better..
Our gingerbread house.

After the game, we went to Colton's house. Ty and I made a gingerbread house while Colton and Angie made chocolate covered pretzels.


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