Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winter Fun

Angie and Colton were in town so the summer crew was together again.  We went to the Holiday Lights at Thanksgiving point.  We brought our 3D glasses, but they didn't work on the lights.  We ended up paying for their "3D glasses" but they were really snowflake glasses.  All the lights turned into little shining snowflakes.  Definitely worth the whole two dollars.


A light through the snowflake glasses.
There was a gap of cars, so we hurried and ran in front.
Things we do to get a good picture..
Colton and Angie in front of the reindeer. (Ty thinks Blitzen, I say Comet)
Surprisingly, reindeer antlers aren't made out of wood..
..they are apparently bone.

After we went and got Seven Eleven hot chocolate (ewe..) and doughnuts and went to my house to watch Friends With Benefits.  Colton and Angie got the Good Spot... but it's okay.  Ty and I didn't even notice because we were laughing so hard at the movie, and we know we will get it next time..


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