Friday, January 20, 2012

Spartans Unite

If I could go back in time, one of my stops would definitely be club soccer.  These were some of the funnest times of my life.  This weekend Tasha is coming up to Logan! That is a total of five Spartans, and enough to consider this a mini reunion.  Let the fun begin (:  I've missed my musketeers.

Flashbacks (:

The Blind Ninja.
Lucky Charms

Far West Regionals
Tessa, I mean, Paddy.
The best game.
Love notes, coach to coach (:
"Do you know if we have to wear shinguards?"
Our room in a week at Santa Barbara

Asian sleeves.
Riding the elevator, relaxing until creepy boys came into the picture.

Signing day.
HAY lee
Themed practices.
Oh just being subs..
I can't even imagine what my consequence would be for doing this in college.
Dominion. Domion.. we don't know.
Marco. Hut hut, tic tic.

St. Paddy's Day.
Last state cup.
I was with this team since day one, and have had the best times with them.  
We Are Sparta


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