Friday, January 13, 2012

The Center Part

Going into the most competitive major at Utah State {Interior Design}, filled with all girls {and random guys who have nicer shoes then I could ever dream of having}, it can get really intimidating to look in a classroom of 60 people and know only 20 people will get into the program.  Looking around at the people in my classes, the girls that appear to have confidence are the most intimidating.  They look like they have it all going on, and that they have no doubt in their mind they will get into the program.

In my mind, there is nothing that screams confidence more than a center part.
"But I can't pull that off."

Every girl has thought this.  It's the ones that have confidence {or fake it} that pull it off.  Wear it like you know you can pull it off, then surprisingly, you will be able to pull it off.  Fool yourself, anything is possible.
Ease into it if you are really scared.  Every day, slowly creep your part closer to the middle.  This way it won't be such a drastic change, and you will be semi exposed to the new found parts of your forehead you haven't let the public see in years.  Practice makes perfect.  If it looks a little funny, keep trying.  You'll get the hang of what looks best, train your hair, and get more used the new style.

In humanities last year, my teacher was giving us a lecture about dressing the part.  He said, "If you want the job, you need to dress the part.  Do you think I always wore these douchey sweater-vests? No, but I wanted to become a professor." After I literally "laughed out loud" and the class turned to look at me, this totally clicked with me.  With attempting this whole interior design major, confidence is crucial.  How are you going to sell your idea if you aren't 100% confident in it? Even if you aren't, fake it.  The clients won't be able to tell the difference.
Confidence is what people want to see.

If you are thinking about doing a center part, do it. If you want to but don't think it'll look good, fake it.  Fake it until you finally convince yourself.  I believe confidence can get you further in life than any other tool.  If you are confident in yourself, people will be confident in you.


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