Monday, January 16, 2012


Sunday had the potential to be such a bad day, but not with the family I have.  Honestly they saved me. My mom and dad were incredible all day.  They made it so I got all my favorite things squeezed into what could have possible been the longest day.
  • Sunday breakfast.
  • The gym.  HA, just joking.  In a perfect world would this be accurate, but I can't help that it still happened..
  • A pretty manicure, thanks to a close by salon.
  • Shopping {getting basics I have been dreaming about}.
  • Hawaiian haystacks. Mmmm.
  • A step closer to a completed room.  Thanks to my dad's amazing hanging up skills.
  • Crafts.  We made the final canvas & it is up on the wall.
The canvas that completes the series.

All that was missing was the boyfriend, but my family did an amazing job making my day bearable without him.  I seriously have the best parents in the world, and I love them more than anything.  I cannot thank them enough. Being home is the best feeling, but it's time for college.

Oh hi early morning conditionings, I have been dreading you.
Wish me luck.


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