Wednesday, January 4, 2012


After Christmas, Ty and I went to our condo in St. George until my birthday.  It was a short trip, but it was so much fun.  On our only full day there, we drove to Vegas and did some birthday shopping for me {from Ty}, and random/late Christmas shopping for my mom.

We didn't take practically any pictures.  I only got a few of Ty in the car, and the most amazing meal the two of us have ever prepared. Parmesan chicken, cheese bread, and baby penne pasta.
I had such a great birthday.  20 years old, I cannot believe it.  I woke up, worked on a canvas, and got ready for the day.  We kept up the Bonsai birthday tradition, and the waitress thought I was turning 16.. better than 12, but still....  So naturally I went along with it and said how excited I was to start driving and that it was about time..  My birthday dinner had a better turnout than Christmas.  It was nice to have the family back together.

After dinner, some of us went ice skating {my favorite <3} at the Gallivan Center.  I loved doing an activity like that with my whole family.  It's so much fun and it was a perfect addition to my birthday.

The Chetas, Grandpa Marty & Tina, Little Marty, Mitch & Emily, and my family all showed up.
Ice Skating <3

Love this picture of my parents.

Action shot (:
Possibly the cutest candid picture.

After ice skating, we went to Dairy Queen to buy my cake, since my mom didn't get me one..  We went back home and I opened my gifts.  I am not a fan of birthdays.  I guess I don't like the pressure of the day having to be perfect "because it's your birthday", but this birthday was perfect.  It was a perfect balance of casual, eventful fun.  Plus, I got to spend it with the people I love.


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